The 5 Most Common Questions About Public Adjusters

questions about public adjusters

5 frequently asked questions about public adjusters.

Living in Central Florida, you know there is a risk every year of damage to your home from a tropical storm or hurricane. If this happens to you, one of your first steps should be to call a qualified and experienced public adjuster like Craig Harrell at Harrell Adjusting. When it comes to dealing with public adjusters, there are a lot of questions you may have. In this article, we will answer the five most common questions about public adjusters.

questions about public adjusters

  1. What is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is an expert negotiator hired by a policyholder just like you. An adjuster specializes in the insurance recovery process. When you seek out the services of an experienced public adjuster like Craig Harrell, you’re hiring a professional who has knowledge of insurance policies, negotiation techniques, loss adjustments, preparing insurance claims, and filing insurance claims on the behalf of the insured. Adjusters work with policyholders just like you, and then advocate on your behalf with your insurance company.

  1. What exactly does a public adjuster do?

If your property is damaged, an adjuster helps you organize and file your claim. Then, the insurance adjuster negotiates to help you get the most compensation back from the insurance provider. The specific tasks and responsibilities of a public adjuster include but are not limited to:

  • Protecting your best interests
  • Reviewing your policy
  • Representing you and your claim
  • Guiding you through the claim’s compensation process
  • Making sure you have the proper endorsements 
  • Guaranteeing you didn’t miss any policy exclusions 
  • Determining any and all benefits you are entitled to
  • Evaluating losses and/or damages 
  • Estimating replacement or repair costs 
  • Negotiations
  • Aggressively presenting your claim
  1. Why do I need a public adjuster? 

Filing any type of insurance claim is always tricky: from the convoluted wording to the stacks of paperwork itself to making sure everything is completed correctly and on time. A public adjuster is familiar with the jargon insurance companies use and can help translate your policy. Also, you should keep in mind that your insurance company will have its own private claims adjuster, who has one job—to pay out as little money as possible on your claim. This is why you need an expert on your side… an expert public adjuster like Craig Harrell. 

  1. What does hiring a public adjuster cost? 

Public adjusters do not get paid unless you receive a settlement. The amount you pay the adjuster is regulated by the state. Florida typically sets an adjuster’s compensation fee at 20% for insurance claims not related to hurricanes. If your claim is related to a hurricane, then Florida lowers the public adjuster compensation to 10% of the settlement value. 

  1. How do I find a public adjuster?

Hiring a high-quality, experienced, and well-trained public adjuster is just as important as hiring a public adjuster. While getting a referral from a friend always can be helpful, you won’t know if that public adjuster is going to be the best fit to help you with your claim. To find a certified public adjuster, you should begin by making sure they are licensed in the state of Florida. Then you can check on a public adjuster’s credentials through the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (the NAPIA). If you contact an adjuster that demands money up front, look elsewhere. Likewise, if the public adjuster is pressuring you to sign a contract you are not comfortable with, then you should leave. Be wary of inexperienced adjusters or those who would want to take advantage of people in a vulnerable situation. 

Find A Public Adjuster in Florida

The best advice we can give you is to contact Craig Harrell. He’s based in central Florida but can work with customers anywhere in the state. If you have questions regarding your insurance policy or questions related to filing a claim, contact Harrell Adjusting by calling (863) 559-3405 to schedule an appointment today.



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