Understanding A Fire Insurance Claim

Fire Insurance Claim

Filing A Fire Insurance Claim Can Be Overwhelming 

A fire is one of the most devastating disasters that can happen to a home or a business. They happen with no warning and ravage your property without a care. In addition to dealing with the damage and the cleanup after a fire, you also have to make several decisions regarding insurance and restoration. Unfortunately, it’s likely you’ll be stressed and possibly confused by your insurance company’s policies and red tape. Because of this, policyholders often make mistakes that have long-term consequences. This means facing a more difficult and expensive recovery due to your fire insurance claim. It almost goes without saying this will only add to your distress during an already difficult time.

That’s why it’s important to find a professional Florida public adjuster, like the ones at Harrell Adjusting Services, to help you with your fire insurance claim after you experience a loss. Our public adjusters have the expertise and knowledge needed to negotiate the insurance claims process so you receive a fair and honest settlement for your loss.

Fire Insurance Claim

Smoke & Fire Insurance Claim Public Adjusters

Our team at Harrell Adjusting Services are licensed insurance professionals who help policyholders like yourself settle insurance claims due to fire and other disasters. Hiring a public adjuster will give you a favorable advantage when dealing with your insurance company and settling your smoke & fire insurance claim.

Upon contacting one of our public insurance adjusters they will schedule a consultation to evaluate your property, assess what has been lost or damaged and help determine what you will need to rebuild. Using this information, as well as your insurance policy, they will file a complete and thorough fire insurance claim. You can be assured knowing that our public adjusters do not receive a dime of your money unless they recover a settlement for you. 

Can I File A Fire Insurance Claim Myself?

Of course, however estimating a loss from a fire is complicated. The combination of smoke, heat, flames, soot and the tons of water that is sprayed to extinguish a fire can render your home or business completely uninhabitable. A fire also impacts portions of the structure not directly impacted by flame.

For instance, heat pressurizes smoke and moves it into rooms that may be surprisingly remote from the source of the fire. Hydrochloric acid occurs as a byproduct of most structural fires. This combination of acid and smoke can lessen the life of electronics, appliances, and other mechanical equipment. Even if fire never reached your kitchen appliances, their useful life may be lessened due smoke exposure. Fire ruins flooring and drywall never touched by flames due to smoke, or water used to douse the flames. Mold and water damage are also common considerations when filing a fire insurance claim, and the list can go on.

Our public adjusters are experts at putting their knowledge to work for you.  Our priority is to maximize your insurance settlement so you can return your property to its pre-loss condition. 

Should I Hire A Public Adjuster Or An Attorney?

After a fire, you may assume you need to hire an attorney to handle the claim, especially if you are dealing with a difficult insurance company. However, it’s to your financial advantage to start with a public adjuster. Both public adjusters and attorneys provide valuable advocacy during the insurance claims process, but an attorney’s services are more expensive. 

Hire a public adjuster first. We are your professional allies and have the experience needed to manage your claim and get a just settlement from your insurance company. Our help is risk-free. We only charge a fee if we recover money for you. If needed, hire an attorney when legal issues come up your public adjuster can’t handle. 

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Contact Harrell Adjusting To Settle Your Fire Insurance Claim 

If you’ve experienced a property fire, make your first call to Harrell Adjusting Services, after 911 of course! Our office is based in central Florida but we are proud to service policyholders throughout the state of Florida. We offer free consultations, and never take payment unless we recover money from your insurance company. Call us today at (863) 559-3405 to get started picking up the pieces after a fire loss or other disaster.  



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