Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Tornado Damage?

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Living in Florida, you know about the risks our homes face due to hurricanes and tropical storms. However, tornadoes are a threat that are often forgotten. Typically, tornadoes are associated with flat, Midwestern locations. Surprisingly, these fast-moving, potentially deadly storms, impact Florida at an alarming rate. In fact, the sunshine state sees more tornadoes per 10,000 square miles than any other state in the U.S.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Tornado Damage?

Tornadoes can happen at any time of day or month in the year. In December, for example, an F-2 tornado hit Pinellas County, the deadliest tornado in that location in nearly three decades. There is no rhyme or reason to whether a tornado might hit your home. That’s why you need to know if you are protected in the event of a disaster. Keep reading, as your Central Florida insurance adjuster Craig Harrell explores the likelihood that homeowners insurance will cover damage from tornadoes.

Homeowner Policies and Disasters

Natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, fire, and storms cannot be stopped. Because of their unpredictability, while certain natural disasters tend to be covered by standard homeowner insurance, not every type of calamity has coverage. Flood insurance, for example, often has to be purchased separately, depending on where you are located. 

You should know that a typical homeowners insurance policy will cover damage sustained from tornadoes, as well as other severe storms, and fires. Standard coverage provides repairs for damage to the insured property and any possessions inside. Homeowners insurance also will reimburse extra living expenses incurred if you cannot live in your home due to damage sustained by the tornado or another cataclysmic weather event.

Getting Payment From Your Homeowners Insurance After A Disaster

However, having coverage doesn’t mean your insurance company will automatically hand over a check that covers all of your costs. A tornado could cause total destruction of your home and belongings, leaving you overwhelmed when trying to pick up the pieces.  Your insurance company may offer you a settlement for less than it will take to repair or rebuild your home and replace your belongings. It is extremely helpful to seek the assistance of a public insurance adjuster, like Craig Harrell at Harrell Adjusting Services, to help you itemize the full extent of your losses and successfully navigate the entire insurance claim process.

How To Prepare Before the Storm 

While we cannot control when bad things happen, we can prepare in case the worst does occur. Craig Harrell recommends you follow this guide to make sure your property is protected in the event of a tornado:

  1. Double-check your policy for specific language describing your home: the square footage, total number of rooms, construction materials, when it was built, as well as any improvements made since purchase, such as a swimming pool or room addition.
  2. Have an inventory of your possessions. This can be compiled conveniently by taking pictures and video of each room and appliance, noting the make and model of higher-end belongings, like appliances, televisions, and computers.
  3. Store your insurance policy and inventory record somewhere other than your home.  Remember to also make a digital copy that you can retrieve from anywhere, in the event of major damage.

For more peace of mind, you may want to be sure your homeowner’s insurance includes personal property coverage. This protects your belongings from damage due to major weather events, as well as theft, vandalism, and fire. You can even add pet insurance to your policy too. This can help if your pet is injured or killed in a tornado or other natural disaster.

Public Adjuster Craig Harrell Can Help You Understand Your Coverage & File A Claim

It can be difficult making sense of your insurance policy. You need to make sure you have the right coverage to protect your property and know how to get your insurance company to pay up when a disaster strikes.. That’s where an insurance adjuster like Craig Harrell can be such an asset. He understands the language used in insurance policies and can help you navigate your policy, no matter how complex it might be. That’s why he’s a popular choice for insurance adjusting needs in the state of Florida. He has a passion for helping Florida homeowners who need help filing, or managing an insurance claim. He can even help homeowners reopen a closed claim to get the full settlement they deserve for their losses. To find out more or schedule a consultation, call (863) 559-3405.



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